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Chemical Physics

This course will focus on the ground breaking field of ultrafast chemistry and investigate the dynamics of chemical reactions. Thanks to advances in laser technology in the 1990s, physicists and chemists now routinely study chemical reactions on the timescale of their vibrational motion. (That's the amount of time it takes light to travel a hair's width.) The class will focus on this extremely fast vibrational motion of molecules to learn about chemical bonds and chemical reactions.
We will begin with the building blocks of chemistry: electrons, atoms, and molecules. Then, we will move onto studying the structure of molecules and chemical bonds. With these tools in hand, we can begin to understand some of the fastest processes in nature and explore the novel ultrafast chemistry experiments being done at Stanford's labs and at SLAC's x-ray laser facilities today. We will visit these labs at Stanford and SLAC to see first-hand how scientists study chemistry in modern labs.

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Session One
Applications are Closed
at the time of application
on the first day of session

Completion of an algebra course, basic trigonometry, and completion of an introductory physics or chemistry course.