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UX Design

In User Experience Design, there are hundreds of thousands of mobile apps. The class will discuss innovative design principles, friendly user interfaces and the widespread adoption by users. In this hands-on lab course, students will learn the core principles for creating user interfaces for mobile iOS and Android devices, wearables, virtual reality, augmented reality and smart device experiences. The class will discover useful patterns and tools for the development of mobile products. We will design user experiences via an iterative design process.

Students will explore the trends and industry practices for popular platforms. By the end of the course, the class will design an engaging user interface prototype for a mobile app. We will discuss the building of a student portfolio. The class will use accessible prototyping tools (Balsamiq Mockups, Fluid UI, Invision) for sketching wireframes and mobile prototyping.

Familiarity with drawing tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Fireworks is recommended, however not required.

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