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This course aims to provide a solid foundation of the fundamental principles of modern cosmology, while also exposing students to cutting-edge developments in the field. Topics will include the Big Bang, inflation, dark energy, dark matter, the formation and growth of galaxies, large-scale structure, the cosmic microwave background, and current research topics.

Cosmology means study of the universe - its origin, history, and fate. That is a lot of ground to cover in 3 weeks! Rather than attempt an exhaustive survey of all possible topics, we will focus on the core ideas that form the basis of the Standard Model of Cosmology. This model has been remarkably successful, yet has several major gaps; we will critically examine evidence, explore extensions and alternative theories, and learn about active areas of research.

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Session One
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This course assumes no prior knowledge of calculus. However, familiarity with algebra, trigonometry, and the basic concepts of vectors and matrices is expected.