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Creative Writing 10-11: The Visual Writer

Poems and stories have the power to haunt us, guide us, and help us remember. We write to make sense of the world we live in, and oftentimes visual resources are the key to penned inspiration. In this course we will explore the art of writing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Students will generate ideas, write original work, revise drafts, and participate in candid, constructive critiques of their own work, as well as that of their peers. To support this writing, students will read literature from several creative genres, utilize in-class writing exercises and prompts, and respond to sculptures, photography, music, and film. Among other key critical questions, we will investigate how attention to craft informs what can be accomplished on the page, and how visual experience relates to the writing process. Each student will submit a final portfolio of creative work, including multiple drafts, polished pieces, and an artist's statement.

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