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Expository 8-9: The Story and the Image

Each day, we are bombarded with thousands of images from our phones, laptops, tablets, and televisions. Cell phone cameras have flooded the world with billions of photographs, which leads to the questions: what role does photography play in our perception of the constantly moving, endlessly photographed world around us? How can we train our eyes to learn to see more wisely? This course will introduce students to the worlds of expository writing and photography by offering a space for students to think about the ways in which writing, like photography, is a way of seeing, visualizing, and showing: opening a window onto a scene and helping the viewer perceive it in a nuanced perspective. Through reading, discussion, and writing, students will develop strategies for different types of essays, such as personal, environmental, persuasive, and documentary. Students will emerge with an expanded understanding of both writing and photography, as they learn to point their “lens” and both capture and convey the world they see around them.

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