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Investigations in Bioscience and Biotechnology: Neuroscience

This class is designed to serve as a first foray into the wondrous domain of learning and memory. We will begin by exploring what learning is and the different types of memories our brain stores. We will then continue by delving into the brain infrastructure involved in creating and storing different types of memories. Finally, we will bring it all together by relating how different components of the brain are involved in memory formation, consolidation, and retrieval. The course will consist of a combination of lectures, discussions and hands-on projects. By the end of the course the students will be able to discuss the different types of memories humans have, describe components of the brain and how they are involved in learning, compare learning types and potential between different species, exemplify factors that impact learning, and design and perform a small experiment.

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Session One
Accepting Waitlist Applications
at the time of application
on the first day of session

Completion of one year of high school biology.