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Media Studies

We often hear "the media" and "information" referred to as if they were singular entities with clear definitions, boundaries, roles, and applications in the world. These terms, however, encompass a diverse array of industries, technologies, networks, narratives, and histories both distinct from one another and interconnected in often surprising ways. We are all consumers of information and media technologies, but how do we understand the relationship between media and information? What are their histories? How are they shaped by power and inequality, beauty and potential? This course will ask you to challenge preconceived assumptions about media, information, culture, politics, and identity and will guide you to develop an invaluable set of skills for engaging with them.

This course explores how politics and political systems are affected by different forms of media representation and we will study the conditions that contribute to political polarization.

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Session One
Accepting Waitlist Applications
at the time of application
on the first day of session

Completion of one year of English.