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Business Strategy

What are the key business strategy issues facing companies today? What can entrepreneurs do now to out-perform their competitors in the industries of tomorrow? What choices exist for established companies when technology and customer demand shift so quickly?

In this class, students will explore well-documented cases, novel games and simulations, and the latest research to understand how business strategy is practiced in real companies. We will delve into in many types of businesses, both large and small, including Silicon Valley start-ups and established industry leaders. We will learn how these companies have succeeded or failed and the crucial role business strategy has played in these outcomes. Then, students will apply these insights to the case of how to successfully turn around a technology company in a changing industry. Together, teams will develop and present a realistic action plan that takes into account trade-offs in priorities, timing, and competitive threats when setting a new direction for growth and competing to win.

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Session Two
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Scheduled Class Time*

08:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)

*The course will meet for two hours daily (Monday–Friday) for a live class during this window of time. The exact time will be set closer to the program start. In addition to the live meeting times, students will engage in out-of-class learning assignments such as assigned readings, group work, pre-recorded online lectures, and more.