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The Frontiers of Physics

Frontiers of Physics will launch students into an exploration of the groundbreaking discoveries in physics in the early 20th century that gave rise to modern physics and the scientific world we know today. This rigorous course will be structured around three breakthroughs: Einstein's Special and General Theory of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and Particle Physics. Tracing Einstein, students will mathematically prove concepts such as time dilation and the mass energy equivalence and discuss paradoxes such as the twin paradox and the barn-pole paradox. Diving into Quantum Mechanics, they'll investigate the historical experiments that shed light on this strange theory, solve Schrodinger's equation to see how Quantum Mechanics predicts tunneling, and learn about the Bohr-Einstein debates and their philosophical implications. Students will demonstrate their knowledge through a variety of assignments, which may include a complete scientific article on relativity, an experiment to confirm the wave nature of light, and a general-audience article on a topic in modern physics.

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Session Three
Course is Full
at the time of application
on the first day of session
Scheduled Class Time*
04:00 PM - 07:00 PM (PDT)

*The course will meet for two hours daily (Monday–Friday) for a live class during this window of time. The exact time will be set closer to the program start. In addition to the live meeting times, students will engage in out-of-class learning assignments such as assigned readings, group work, pre-recorded online lectures, and more.


Completion of Algebra II and familiarity with basic trigonometry.