Legal Studies: Become a Highly Effective Critical Thinker

The top qualities companies seek in people they hire are critical thinking, problem solving, and communication prowess. This skill set differentiates one from most people in the labor market. Lawyers have to master these skills for their clients.

This course will teach you how to master them, too! You will discover how to think, research, write, and solve real life problems, as lawyers do. We will enjoy lively debates, fascinating guest speakers, group work, film discussions, negotiations, and even a courtroom mock trial presided by a distinguished judge.

Critical thinking, problem solving, and persuasion are portable skills: they are highly sought after, transferable and relevant in any professional and school setting. Therefore, while this class is of particular value for those who contemplate law school, everybody will benefit from it. This course is most beneficial for students who like to work collaboratively in an inclusive and supportive environment, and appreciate diverse view points.

Session Three
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at the time of application
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Scheduled Class Time*

04:00 PM - 07:00 PM (PDT)

*The course will meet for two hours daily (Monday–Friday) for a live class during this window of time. The exact time will be set closer to the program start. In addition to the live meeting times, students will engage in out-of-class learning assignments such as assigned readings, group work, pre-recorded online lectures, and more.