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Product Design

We are entering an era where many new design-related careers are emerging that will require unique, interdisciplinary skills. This intensive, engaging summer course explores and prepares participants for these new opportunities, where a robust portfolio demonstrating creativity, sensitivity to materials, and a coherent vision is the key to a successful design career. Keeping this in mind, this course will explore how creativity is expressed in a wide range of related professions and how it interacts with necessary business fundamentals. Students will explore a range of techniques and tools including 3D modeling, data analysis, deep topical research and presentation. With an eye towards real-world conditions, they will be introduced to the iterative processes of design engineering and trained to interpret their product to a client audience. A variety of lectures, workshops, and projects will prepare students for a final project that integrates the many skills and approaches they will have mastered.

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Session Two
Course is Full
at the time of application
on the first day of session
Scheduled Class Time*
08:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)

*The course will meet for two hours daily (Monday–Friday) for a live class during this window of time. The exact time will be set closer to the program start. In addition to the live meeting times, students will engage in out-of-class learning assignments such as assigned readings, group work, pre-recorded online lectures, and more.