Business & Entrepreneurship

In today’s globalized world, entrepreneurship is a vital feature of every society. Entrepreneurs not only represent an important element of economic activity for nations on both a local and an international level, they also serve a number of social roles as well. By helping to create and serve markets through their products and services, entrepreneurs provide jobs in their communities and extend human potential through innovation.

This course introduces participants to the nature of entrepreneurship through case studies of prominent businesses, such as Facebook and Amazon, and social enterprises, such as Kiva, that now have a global presence and operate at scale. By pulling back the curtain on entrepreneurial initiatives, students discover how to build a new business from scratch, covering everything from how to develop compelling and sound ideas to tackling the testing and implementation process to handling actual sales and business management. Through this form of experiential learning, students acquire skills in identifying different aspects of a business, in establishing best practices, and in adopting the right tools and mindsets needed for success and innovation. They also polish their social and emotional skills, build creative confidence, and enhance their capacity to solve problems with imagination and efficacy. 

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