Tuition and Financial Aid

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Summer 2024 Tuition

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies is committed to making our programs accessible for students around the world. We believe finances should not create obstacles to high-quality pre-collegiate education. Please learn more about financial assistance below.
Program Tuition
Tuition for Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes is $3,050.
Course-Specific Costs
Please note that some courses may require the purchase of additional materials such as course readers or textbooks. These materials are not included in the program tuition and will not exceed $100.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is granted based upon demonstrated financial need. Any applicant to this program can apply for financial aid, and applying for financial aid does not have an effect on your admissions decision.
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Who Should Apply

If the tuition cost is a barrier, we encourage you to apply for financial aid. Please be sure to include any relevant clarifications of your family's circumstances in your Parents’ Financial Statement. Aid can be awarded to both domestic and international participants.
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When to Apply

Applicants must submit their financial aid application by April 5, 2024.

The financial aid application fee is $60 USD.

Financial Aid Application Instructions

Families who wish to apply for financial aid should complete the following steps.


  1. Fill out and submit the School and Student Services (SSS) Parents’ Financial Statement Online (PFS). The Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies school code is 200189
  2. Submit copies of all required documents.
    • U.S. families: Complete 2022 tax returns and W2 forms. You must include all supporting tax schedules such as the Schedule SE for Self-Employment Tax. Please upload Schedule E and corresponding documents - K-1, Forms 1120-S (s-corp.), or 1065 (partnership) - as "Additional Documents" in the uploader tool.
    • International families: For families who do not file U.S. tax documents, we require official income/asset documentation for 2022, such as annual foreign tax returns and official, annual wage statements from employers. If tax information is in a language other than English, submit a translated copy along with the original. You must also complete and submit the SSS International Student Financial Aid Profile form. Further details about submitting the International Student Financial Aid Profile form can be found on the SSS website.
  3. Please note in the Additional Information question which program you are applying for admission to.
  4. Please note the following when completing your submission:
    • After completing your SSS application, you will need to wait one business day before you can upload required or supporting documents.
    • The Financial Aid Committee requires that you submit all required documents directly on the SSS application website. Please note that any financial aid submission that is not uploaded directly on the SSS website may take additional time to process.
    • You are required to block out or redact Social Security numbers anywhere they appear in your tax returns or other financial documents before uploading them to the SSS application website.
    • All documents must be submitted in a PDF or JPG format. Note that files cannot be larger than 500K. For help formatting documents for uploading, reference the tips provided on the SSS website.

Application Help

SSS has many helpful guides and webinars to aid families in their financial aid application process. A few guides are attached below and more resources can be found at the SSS website here.

Questions Regarding SSS Submissions

All questions regarding the SSS application should be directed to the SSS help desk.

  • If you are calling from within the United States, dial 800-344-8328.
  • If you are calling from outside of the United States or Canada, dial 952-967-9922.

Problems Uploading Documents

If you are unable to upload documents directly on the SSS website, you can submit them to SSS by mail after you have completed and submitted your PFS. Just log into the SSS Family Portal and click on the “My Documents'' tab in the upper right corner. Click the “Print Cover Sheet'' link on that page to print your SSS customized cover sheet. Make sure to mail your documents at least 10 days before the financial aid application deadline.

Being here has changed my life because it made me realize that no matter what my background is that I can make it, and that I can become what I want to be, I can make it to Stanford someday or some other school and do something amazing regardless of where I come from. And that's really changed me and inspired me.

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