2023 Online Courses

Not for credit or grade, our courses provide in-depth, interactive exploration of advanced topics. Courses range in subjects from Bioscience to Business, Physics to Philosophy, and Creative Writing to Computer Science.

Courses Frequently Asked Questions

What does "grade level" refer to?

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Grade level refers to the applicant's current grade at the time they submit their application. Reference for 2024 programs:


Graduation Year from High School

(Class of)

Current Grade
2024 12
2025 11
2026 10
2027 9
2028 8



Do Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies program participants receive grades or credit?

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We do not provide course grades or credits for completing a Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies program. Our summer courses are for enrichment purposes only. After the conclusion of the program, participants are sent a written evaluation from their instructor and a certificate of completion.